About Us

Our team uses an ‘Investment Rationalization Mode’ to support the prioritization of IT portfolio initiatives. Using this model United Global Groups will generate detailed reports analyzing the cost of current-capabilities sustainment, IT infrastructure, and integrations

Our Values

Our shared values are described in terms of operational behaviors that we expect from and inspire in one another.


• We promote our client’s agendas as we would ours in a way that client regard that we are their trusted agent…a true partner.


• We respect, appreciate and value the diversity within client’s organizations.
• We honor, regard and actively work to integrate unique and distinct perspectives, approaches and skills that result from different ethnic, cultural, gender and generational backgrounds.


• We provide our clients and stakeholders with exceptional value and deliver on our commitments.
• We strive for uncompromising quality and continuous excellence from our fellow employees, our system and our efforts.


• We share relevant information openly with clients, stakeholders and fellow employees and engage in straightforward discussions of needs and how to forge a win-win relationship.
• We admit mistakes and deal with mistakes fairly and forthright.


• We ensure that our clients and partners receive appropriate recognition associated with our joint efforts.
• We have alignment between our beliefs and our shared values, which we demonstrate through consistency in our language and our actions.
• We properly acknowledge and protect the effort, contributions and ideas of others.


• We employ respect in working with clients, stakeholders and fellow employees and in understanding their organizational needs.
• We actively listen and strive to understand the agenda of others as well as our own agenda.
• We help to ensure that all UGG members show respect toward others and provide appropriate constructive feedback when these behaviors are not employed.


• We build teams with clients, stakeholders and fellow employees and encourage a shared sense of purpose.
• We build working relationships with fellow employees across the organization to support the achievement of our Vision and our Mission.
• We join together to accomplish common goals, putting team goals ahead of individual goals, if necessary.


• We promote our clients agendas as we would our own in a way that clients regard that we are their trusted agent.
• We fulfill commitments made to other and ourselves.


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