In Part 1 of this series, we explored the first seven of fourteen Leadership Traits cultivated within the US Marine Corps.  Together, these 14 Leadership Traits fortify the autonomy of each Marine to alternately lead and follow as each situation demands.  By supporting this autonomy in each Marine, the organization supports the autonomy of the entire enterprise to operate effectively and efficiently within rapidly shifting and potentially hostile environments.

Comparably, UGG instils within its culture a framework of shared values that supports a strong, autonomous character ethic and adaptive enterprise capability. Presented below are the second seven Leadership Traits of the USMC, presented in context with UGG’s Core Mission and Shared Values.  Cultivated from within the culture of our organization, these 14 Leadership Traits not only establish a core standard for our interpersonal team community but also shape our engagement with the community at large.

Endurance – Like athletic muscular endurance, a leader must exercise a consistent mental fortitude in the face of failed expectations and/or neglected needs. By effectively “embracing the suck”, leaders strengthen those around them in order to achieve their goals. They do not quit when things get too rough, too tough, too muddy for comfort — leaders persevere to the finish line.

Bearing – The bearing of the leader is one of self-containment, trust, and ego-fortitude. The leader trusts herself enough to yield to shifting circumstances. The leader trusts her colleagues to fulfil their roles without micromanagement. Meanwhile, the organization trusts its leaders to “MacGyver” innovative solutions using existing capabilities when readiness may otherwise be compromised. By fostering this internal trust, UGG empowers its leaders to command themselves with authority, dignity, and self-containment.

Unselfishness – There is a goal much higher than the self towards which the leader orients a singular intent. As in the Marine Corps, UGG recognizes mutually beneficial teams and partnerships over competitive undermining. But unselfishness need not require self-sacrifice. We believe that what is good for our leaders is good for our clients, and what is good for the individual need not come at the expense of others. By supporting individuals, we support the integrity of the whole.

Courage – Called the greatest of all virtues, courage is the proving ground where all other virtues are either strengthened or lost. As with the trait of integrity, courage sometimes alludes to measurement — it may arise as be a tremendous act of self-sacrifice, or perhaps it manifests in the simple willingness to confront, rather than yield to, the disapproval of others. This is why, at UGG, we recognize courage as a muscle. To exercise this muscle, one must practice the act of making oneself vulnerable to the external unknown, despite the threat of annihilation or diminishment, in the face of that instinct that says “flee”. The more one is able to push through one’s own terrible discomfort, the greater one’s capacity to serve others.

Knowledge – UGG takes great pride in serving the intellectual and personal development pursuits of its leaders. As the economist, Adam Smith, we view this intellectual cultivation as the organization’s moral imperative, investing long-term benefits into the individual, community, and society. It is in this giving, that the company grows its greatest capacity to serve both clients and the community at large. Similarly, we view it as a moral imperative that our leaders develop and expand their knowledge base in order to better serve clients’ needs. In keeping with the trend of the new knowledge economy, our organization develops a sharing economy, where leader freely distributes their knowledge and expertise for others’ benefit.

Loyalty – UGG and its leaders are loyal to our mission of crafting client solutions with immediate and long-term value. We promote our client’s agendas as we do our own: as a trusted agent, a true partner. Our loyalties to the organization, to our colleagues, and to our partners, however, never compromise the ethical integrity of our mission to deliver sustainable value to our clients.

Enthusiasm – Our enthusiasm for providing quality service to further our clients’ objectives distils throughout UGG’s culture. As custodians of this enthusiasm, our leaders inspire a positive outlook in the face of discouragement, frustration, and defeat. Thus, our leaders continually align the organization back to this essential passion for producing beneficial outcomes. Because our leaders train to see challenges as opportunities, UGG collectively greets external change as a responsive and adaptive enterprise. We believe that choosing to maintain this affirmative perspective powerfully benefits both our efforts and client partnerships.

How are leaders made? Through Courage, Commitment, and Culture.

By fostering a culture of courage and commitment, UGG cultivates capable leaders.  Thus, we work from the inside out to build corporate character supporting client missions.