Who we are ?

United Global Group, a globally acclaimed technology-based solutions provider. As industry leaders specializing in systems design, we package and deliver proven, cost-effective, turn-key technologies and products, ready for immediate integration, including sustainable and ecologically responsible agricultural, architectural and engineering skills to support international development, industrial assembly and installation, and facilities management. Each building manufactured through UGB is unique. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, visual appeal, durability and timing, providing LEED-certified, and providing sustainable solutions to support your specialized steel buildings needs, we take all factors into account.


Our team uses an ‘Investment Rationalization Mode’ to support the prioritization of IT portfolio initiatives.


To provide integrated analytic decision support, UGG applies industry-leading operations research


Delivers specialised Data Management solutions to help our clients leverage the power quality information to support an adaptive enterprise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver SUSTAINABLE  ENDURING value to our clients and strategic partners, worldwide.

Our mission is to deliver PRINCIPLED value to our clients and strategic partners, worldwide.

our services

Federal Contracting

purchase property or services for the direct benefit or use of the US Government

Rapid Sustainment

The mission of the UGG is to transform the operations and sustainment enterprise vital to the world’s most advanced Air Force

Building Development

United Global Building is your Design-Build solution for all of your metal building needs. Wecolla-borate with owners  completed in scope

Chairman of Board

Mr. Anthony Jerdine

Mr. Jerdine has worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Prior to Co-Founding the Foundation Wealth Trust Group Mr. Jerdine began in historic rehabilitation development, then worked for several years as Senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm specializing in multi-family development

Managing Director

United global group

Larry G. Paige II

Larry G Paige II is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer and possesses a diverse background in Department of Defense logistics and analytics. Dr. Paige has more than 25-years of consulting and system-implementation experience creating enterprise solutions for clients throughout the United States and internationally.His degrees and certifications include a BA in Business Administration, an MS in Operational Logistics, an MS in Project Management, a PhD in Organizational Management and DAWIA Level II/III Ccertification in Program Management and Acquisition Logistic.  Additional federal works includes the introduction and maturation of Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Discovery, and Business Intelligence capabilities to the United States Marine Corp.  Recent work includes infrastructure, land and real-estate develop for both commercial of government use.

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